The PrismGR2010 - Trailer from niko on Vimeo.

-here you can find the whole archive of the multimedia stories of the prism:

The Prism GR2010 is a collective documentation of Greece during the winter of 2010, through the lenses of 14 photojournalist transformed into multimedia storytellers with the support of the creators. It was filmed in a period of 16 weeks.
In January 2010, Greece was hit by an unprecedented economic crisis. The arrival of the IMF marked the beginning of a series of revelations, forcing all those connected to Greece to go through a process of self-reflection.
Greeks found themselves confronted with multiple questions regarding not only the future but also the past of the Greek nation and its role in the international terrain. Amongst the ruins and collapsing image of a country at a historical turning point, who are the heroes that emerge from the settling dust?
The Prism GR2010 compiles these different viewpoints, exploring the different dimensions of the afflicted nation. Combining multimedia, a unique story-telling tool, and D-SLR cameras, The Prism is a collective documentation by some of the country's rising photojournalists, who bring to the project their experience as well as their own perspective. In addition, The Prism also combines the forces of prominent journalists, significant Greek musicians and many other creative collaborators, with whom this project could not have happened. Thank you!