a little photo update from 
The Visit Exhibition
that took place in WDKA in Rotterdam,Netherlands
during the middle of Dcember

Edith Aregger (SW)
Neus Frigola (SP)
Vasilis Papageorgiou (GR)
Aldo Urbano Perez (SP)
Irene Belfi (IT)
Giorgio Micco (IT)
Lucy Wildgoose (EN)
Leonora Barbieri (IT)
Karin Strohm (EST)

Can You Hear The Sounds Project
A5 Book
Audio Installation
(One Man's Noise)

The sounds, the music, the noise are definitely there-still, can we always hear them? What if you listen to the world but you cannot hear the sound?
Celebreated symbols of western civilization are present, the Acropolis, marble parts of ancient temples, growing on the ground as well as spread on the grass, pagodas, small houses reminding us of children’s books  set in the Alpes.  They are surrounded by wild decaying nature, dead plants, fallen trees, ill-looking palms.  Gigantesque flowers cover partly the small buildings, a sort of camouflage. All over, cut trunks- as if men have recently paid their visit to the landscape.  What is more, many huts, standing in the fields, on the water together with small boats or even built on some tree. No human presence around, only traces, signs of decay and absence.  Death is there, however, not only through the sketch of a tomb but also in the flies which fly around the sad landscape. Is western civilization as we know it meant to last forever? Are the remains of past glory meant to stand eternally there? Is the nature meant to nurture us doesn’t matter how violently we exploit it?
It looks as if a peculiar country of Lilliput has developed where human greed has left a waste land. Those Lilliputs shall now live among palm-trees, marbles and tree-houses, still struggling to hear the sound.

Text by: Eleni Papageorgiou
Photos by: Giorgio Micco